Tree Hazards

Recognizing Tree Hazards

In addition to their many benefits, trees can pose some hazards to you and your property. Recognizing these hazards and dealing with them correctly and promptly can save you a great deal of time, money, and possible injury. Look for the following hazards on your property, and then call the professionals at Sustainable Tree Care to help you prevent damage and injury.
Do your trees have large dead branches?
Are there fallen branches hanging in the tree?
Does the tree have rotten areas or cavities in the trunk or branches?
Do you see mushrooms or other parasites around the tree?
Is the tree cracked or split in any areas?
Are there fallen branches around the tree?
Are there dead or dying trees near live trees?
Is the tree leaning?
Are there same size branches growing from one place in the tree?
Is there root damage from construction, soil erosion, pavement, etc?
Do the leaves look poorly developed or incorrectly colored?
Have your trees been improperly or heavily pruned or topped?
Is there regrowth from topping, line clearance, or other pruning?
Are there electrical lines adjacent to the tree?
Is there evidence of insects or disease?

Professional arborists can address all these issues correctly and completely. Contact Sustainable Tree Care to get an assessment of the hazards on your property and an estimate of preventative care.

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