Planning & Preservation

Plan to Preserve Your Trees

Certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions about your trees, particularly if you are looking at the long term. Sustainable Tree Care Services will help you plan the correct locations for placement of trees on your property. For existing trees, our professional staff will assess your site and recommend the best maintenance plan for tree preservation. For sites as which there will be some ground disturbance – as in the case of construction – Sustainable Tree Care will implement safety measures to protect established trees and help you plan the placement of new trees. Above all else, we will help preserve the health of your trees through sustainable tree care.

Caring for Live Oaks

Live Oaks will need occasional pruning since their branches tend to hang low to the ground. The problem is that these beautiful trees are prone to a devastating disease when pruned incorrectly. Sustainable Tree Care is specially trained to trim live oak trees at the right time and with the right equipment to avoid costly diseases, to maintain the health and beauty of these magnificent trees.

Mangrove Trimming

The Department of Environmental Regulation protects the trimming of these delicate trees. Mangrove trees represent an incredibly diverse ecosystem that involves much more than what meets the eye. Our Sustainable Tree Care arborists hold special certifications for mangrove trimming in the state of Florida.

Consider Sustainable Tree Care Tree Planning And Preservation Services To:

Create A Tree Placement Scheme
Care for Mangrove Trees
Move Established Trees
Develop A Preservation Plan
Care for Live Oak Trees
Replace Trees Of All Sizes

Why Choose Sustainable Tree Care Planning and Preservation

Trees are a living investment that can add beauty and value to your property for generations to come, a legacy your Sustainable Tree Care specialists can help you to create.

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