Tree Care FAQs

FAQs About Tree Care

Trees are important parts of the landscape and need proper care in order to thrive. They provide benefits like shade, temperature control, and soil protection. But caring for your trees takes a little more than just trimming low-hanging branches. Learn more about tree care basics here. For more information, contact the professionals at Sustainable Tree Care Services.
How often does my tree need care?
The frequency of tree care depends on the size, location, species, and many other factors. In general trees should have dead or broken branches cleared every 3-5 years. Fertilizer and disease control can be administered as needed. Proper tree care performed early in the lifespan of a tree will prevent future problems and limit the amount of care needed later in life.
What is involved in pruning a tree?
Pruning involves removing unwanted or unneeded branches from trees. Branches that are dead, damaged, or diseased may be removed for the health of the tree. Trees may also be thinned out to provide more light to the ground below. Pruning for aesthetic purposes involves removing unsightly or nuisance branches, or reshaping a tree that has grown asymmetrically. All these purposes are combined in a proper pruning service. Certified arborists are the best people to use to determine the best way to prune trees.
What if the tree is close to the house or other structure?
Sustainable Tree Care has a variety of equipment to safely remove any tree. Our workers are trained to safely remove any tree no matter how tight the quarters! We are fully insured against property damage or personal injury so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
What is topping?
Topping, a.k.a. “heading”, “tipping”, and “rounding-over”, involves systematically removing the majority of the crown of a tree. Many people top trees to reduce the size, or because they believe the trees to be hazardous. In reality, topping is one of the worst practices in tree care. Topping a tree causes outgrowth that is weak and insubstantial. This may make the tree extremely hazardous because the new growth is not strong enough to withstand weather. Also, topping removes much needed leaves from which the tree gets its food. Topping has been known to kill trees entirely.
Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we will come to your property, evaluate your specific situation, and give you an estimate based on the size of the job and the services you need.
How do you access trees when there is not enough room for a bucket truck?
We have experienced climbers, trained in tree care and climbing safety that can scale any tree no matter how difficult. We have high standards of safety to protect both our workers and your property. We are fully insured against personal injury so you will never be held liable for injuries on your property.
Am I liable for injuries your workers may sustain while on my property?
Absolutely not! Sustainable Tree Care is fully insured. We have full worker’s compensation coverage for all of our workers so that, in the event of an accident, our workers are taken care of and you have no worries! Additionally, we practice strict safety procedures to prevent serious injuries from happening to begin with.
How do I know which trees need to be removed for a construction project on my property?
Certified arborists can come to your site and examine construction plans to determine which, if any, trees might be harmed in the process of a construction project. Sustainable Tree Care can provide protection for trees during construction projects to limit damage as well.

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