Pruning & Trimming FAQs

We have found that all our clients have questions about pruning and trimming their trees. Getting the exact balance between trimming for both function and health can be tricky. Here are some FAQs about pruning trees to help you decide when it’s time to call the professionals at Sustainable Tree Care Services.

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Tampa Bay Tree Care Services

In Tampa Bay, Sustainable Tree Care Services can take care of all your tree care needs. We have served Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota counties for over 10 years with complete arborist and tree care services including:

Pruning & Trimming Services

Certified arborists can prune and trim your trees for health, beauty, and safety. We specialize in the care of Live Oak trees and have special certification to care for your mangroves.

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Tree Removal Services

No matter how large or small, Sustainable Tree Care tree removal teams can clear trees and debris wherever you need it. We have the right equipment and expertise to be safe, fast, and effective.

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Cabling & Bracing

Incorrect cabling and bracing can create as many problems as it solves. Only a certified arborist can protect your trees against wind or storm damage by bracing your trees correctly. Sustainable Tree Care Services help preserve and maintain the integrity of your trees.

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Help your trees overcome drought, disease, and insects with customized fertilization. Maintaining strong, healthy trees can significantly reduce the risk of later damage.

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Disease Diagnosis & Treatment And Insect Control

Certified Florida arborists can examine, diagnose, and treat any problems with your trees. Reduce the possibility of future tree removal and replacement by allowing Sustainable Tree Care to regularly examine your trees to identify any necessary preventative care.

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Stump Grinding

Get rid of unsightly and obtrusive tree stumps completely. Sustainable Tree Care Services use the right equipment, won’t tear up your lawn, and leaves your site clean.

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Debris Removal

Let Sustainable Tree Care teams clean up after the storm. We can have your property spotless after wind damage, lightening, or construction.

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Tree Planting Services

Professional arborists will help your tree flourish by preparing the hole, supplementing the soil, and ensuring that your tree is planted correctly. Your landscape investment will pay off because your trees will last for years to come.

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Tree Planning & Tree Preservation

Our certified arborists really get to know your trees, property, and you, so we can help you maintain beautiful, healthy trees for life. We are Live Oak specialists and are certified to prune mangroves, two beautiful and protected species native to Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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Emergency Services

Sustainable Tree Care 24-hour emergency tree services are available for you year-round. We have all the equipment and safety training to help you clean up after storms, toppled trees, and other emergencies. Contact Sustainable Tree Care now to get immediate response.

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Mangrove Trimming

Mangrove Trees encompass the all of the complexity that is our ecosystem in one fast-growing plant by providing an environment for everything from micro-organisms to fish to reptiles. Let our certified experts help you manage and maintain these amazing organisms.

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