Tree Removal FAQs

Unfortunately, sometimes the best of intentions cannot save a tree. Trees may become damaged, infested with insects, or diseased beyond repair. In this situation, you want to remove the tree with the greatest of care. Sustainable Tree Care is equipped to take out trees of any size in any location. Here are some frequently asked questions about removing trees.

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Learn About Trees and Tree Care

Trees are one of our greatest natural resources. They provide oxygen, shade, building materials, paper, water purification, and much, much more. Learn about some of the most important topics in the health and maintenance of trees.

Tree Facts

Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet. Learn interesting and important facts about trees and their impact on our environment.

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Tree Myths

Although trees are a common sight in daily life, people know relatively little about them. What you do know may not be accurate. Check out some common misconceptions about trees here.

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Why Use an Arborist

So you’ve heard about using a certified arborist for your tree care. But why is it so important and what’s so special about an arborist? Learn the answers to these questions here.

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Why Sustainability Matters

We’ve said that trees are the longest living organisms on the planet, but this is only true if they are properly cared for. Protect your trees with sustainable tree care.

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